I am a high octane creative, nature lover and technogeek based in South Australia, with a DNA encoded wanderlust.

James Rolevink Westminster Bridge - IMG_0668.png
James Rolevink here!
Hi there!
I'm an international award-winning creative. I am super skilled at single capture photography in fast paced environments. I have an exeptional talent for capturing the hidden beauty in unexpected places and fleeting moments.
My passion is the nexus of art, science and technology. I am dedicated to restoring the natural balance, recognizing our proper place on this beautiful blue marble as stewards and co-tenants.
I strive to create stunning, highly aesthetic visual stories and thought provoking insights through the elegant mastery of image science.
In addition to a deep love of the natural world, you can also see my passion for Glamour, Aerospace, Motorsports, Fashion and Travel.